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OpenSSH for Windows

About OpenSSH for Windows

OpenSSH is a very popular suite of network utilities based on the SSH protocol (Secure Shell). Finding an installation tool for Windows is not very easy, since almost all Windows versions are portable. Update: Now with OpenSSH v8.6p1 and LibreSSL v3.3.3

An that is what OpenSSH for Windows does: installs a modern version of OpenSSH into your Windows system.


Latest OpenSSH version: 8.6p1

You can download the latest version of OpenSSH for Windows by clicking on the button with your Windows architecture (modern PCs use x64).

OpenSSH for Windows x64 OpenSSH for Windows x86
Download x64 Download x86
Mirror x64 Mirror x86

All OpenSSH for Windows downloads are available through this link.

Compilation instructions

GitHub Actions AppVeyor Azure Pipelines Travis CI Codacy
Inno Setup Build status Build Status Build Status Codacy Badge
PowerShell Install (old) ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------


  • Inno Setup 6
  • MSVC or MinGW with gcc and g++ support

Compilation steps

  1. Download or git clone the repository.

  2. Open Developer Command Prompt (if you use MSVC) or Command Prompt if you use MinGW.

  3. Go to the ISCompiler folder at the directory in which you have extracted the files.

  4. Now run:

    • cl ISCompil.cpp if you are using MSVC.
    • g++ ISCompil.cpp -o ISCompil.exe if you are using MinGW.
  5. After compiling ISCompil.cpp, run ISCompil.exe

  6. Finally, check ..\{WINDOWS ARCHITECTURE} folder for OpenSSHforWindows-Installer-{WINDOWS ARCHITECTURE}.exe

  7. Done! Now you can install OpenSSH for Windows correctly.

Uninstallation instructions

You can uninstall OpenSSH for Windows through Programs and Features in Control Panel.

Additional notes

OpenSSH for Windows' binaries sources are available here.

Contributing to the project

If you want to contribute to the project, please open a Pull Request.

You can contribute with the following things:

  • A new portable version of OpenSSH
  • Code improvements

Please report bugs through the Issues tab.


I would like to thank OpenBSD, OpenSSH, PowerShell and Inno Setup for making this project possible, and you for choosing my software!


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