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NuGet Installer

Attention! This documentation is currently outdated, so there are steps that may vary with the real result

What is NuGet Installer

NuGet Installer is a command-line installer that installs the latest version of NuGet.exe into your system. You may notice while you use NuGet that you always need to move NuGet.exe file every time you want to use it. To solve this problem, I wrote this software, NuGet Installer, that installs NuGet.exe directly into C:\Windows folder, so you do not need to copy it every time you want to run it.

Building source code


  • Visual Studio 2019 or Microsoft .NET Framework


  1. git clone or download this repository.

  2. Open cmd.exe (or Developer Command Prompt if you are using Visual Studio) in the folder you have extracted the files.

  3. Run:

    msbuild.exe NugetInstaller.sln /m /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform="Any CPU"
  4. Check bin\Release folder and enjoy Nuget Installer!


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Downloading compiled version of NuGet Installer

You can download a compiled version of NuGet Installer through Releases tab.

Download now!

Contributing to the project

If you want to contribute to the project, please open a Pull Request.

Please report bugs through the Issues tab.


I would like to thank Microsoft for developing the amazing NuGet package manager, which is available through

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