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Welcome to my new documentation service!

In the following pages you will see all the documentation for my personal projects and my website services (if a service needs it).

Use the left menu to go to similar documentation pages.

Go to the navigation menu in the header to go to non-related documentation pages.

Finally, use the search bar above to go exactly where you want.

Contributing to the documentation service

If you want to contribute to this documentation service, just click on the pencil icon at the beginning of the "article". You will be prompted to fork the repository.

Then, make your changes in your OWN repo and test it.

Finally, open a Pull Request in this repository and wait for a few hours/days for approval.

Finally, thanks for your contributions!

Why there isn't a lot of content in this service?

Because it's a very new one, so it is currently under construction.

Come back in a few days to see more documents.

Where can I find EQDiet's documentation?

EQDiet's docs are released apart from these. They are available in the following site:

Also, this aren't open source 😢, since they are built on a proprietary platform:

Last update: 2021-03-10